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The Best Flossing Techniques Make Flossing Not Painful

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Alyce
The Best Flossing Techniques Make Flossing Not PainfulMany people overlook flossing and often do not do it because it can cause them pain or discomfort. It is important to floss to help prevent cavities and gum disease.

This is because the floss can help to remove plaque and food particles that are stuck in between teeth that can lead to decay. Flossing every day is recommended by the ADA and should be a part of everybody's dental hygiene routine. Here are some tips that can make flossing more enjoyable and less painful.

Type of Floss

First and foremost is the type of floss that you choose. There are many varieties such as waxed and unwaxed, monofilament and poly filament, flavored or unflavored. Each one has its characteristics, such as monofilament is made with PTFE and is one strand versus poly filament being composed of multiple strands.

The benefit of monofilament floss is that it is less likely to fray when subjected to very close contact points on the teeth. Although the cost may be higher, it can generally be more comfortable than a poly filament. It is wise to experiment with different types to see which floss is more pleasant. Whichever that is, is probably the best one for you.


When it comes to the act of flossing itself, it is important not to let the floss snap down. It is best to gently slide it back and forth to the gumline. Bend the floss into a C shape and get the sides of each tooth it is between. Lightly move the floss to the area under the gumline, but be careful not to be too rough.

If done too vigorously it can cause damage to the gums and lead to bleeding and of course pain. When removing the floss be sure to ease it back and forth on the way up. It is always recommended to avoid snapping it. Be sure to advance the floss to a clean piece for each new area which prevents bacteria and food buildup from redepositing somewhere else.

Being very gentle is the best way to avoid pain. If your gums hurt or bleed due to flossing you may be being too rough with it. If you have questions about how to floss and how often or are just looking for more tips call our office to schedule a consultation. We would be delighted to discuss our recommendations on types of floss and other tips to avoid the pain that is often associated with flossing.
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