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What You Need to Have in Your Emergency Dental Kit

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Alyce
What You Need to Have in Your Emergency Dental Kit Have you set up an emergency dental kit? If not, now is a good time to do so. The following information details about what you should include in this type of kit. If you have any type of dental emergency, you want to make sure you have this kit on hand.

What You Will Need to Include in Your Emergency Dental Kit

While it is important to make up a kit in case of a dental emergency, you also want to make sure you contact our office right away. In the interim, your well-stocked kit can help you manage any bleeding or pain until you can have your emergency checked by our dental team. To ensure a well-stocked kit, add cotton swabs to clean a dental injury. You also want to include cotton balls to control bleeding. You will need alcohol wipes for cleaning and disinfection as well as dental floss to dislodge any food particles between the teeth. A dental mirror can give you a better idea what is going on inside the mouth while latex gloves can be worn for protection against infection. If you are allergic to latex, add vinyl gloves instead. Dental was can be used to soften the edges of orthodontic wires, and a temporary filling material can be used to fill a tooth when a filling is lost.

Taking Care of Loose Cosmetic Restorations and Knocked-out Teeth

Use Vaseline to help you slip a loose crown back over a tooth. This will help you seal the tooth temporarily. A cold compress can be used for swelling while salt can be mixed with water to rinse out the mouth when an injury occurs. You can also use a pinch of salt in water if you wish to transport a knocked-out tooth. If milk is not readily available and the tooth will not go back in the socket with ease, a pinch of salt and water can be used for transport. By putting together an emergency dental kit, you can make a dental emergency a lot less stressful. If you find yourself facing this type of event, contact our office and tell us what is going on. We can advise you on what items to get out of your kit and how to treat the problem temporarily. We can help you with just about any dental need. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and exam.
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